Vision Shape

Our PurposeTo see people far from God transformed through the power of the gospel.

Vision Shape

Jesus Changes Everything

The gospel has the power to change your whole life, all your life.


Family Is Foundational

Family is who we are and what we do; a place of love, acceptance, privilege and responsibility. We are a family committed to helping one another pursue God’s best.


Influence Tomorrow Today

We are each empowered to reach and influence our own world. We build with future generations in mind. Together, we reach and influence communities, cities and a nation.

Vision Shape

Our Pulse


Love — it’s the glue

Accepting and including; supporting and caring


Passion — is there not a cause?

Boldly-believing; sacrificial and devoted


Attitude — it’s key

Respectful and thankful; generous and positive


Servanthood — our heart in action

Hospitable and helpful; purposeful and practical


Fun — we’re serious about it

Life and friendship; laughter and memories


Excellence — always bringing our best

Over and above; resourceful and creative


Faith — can’t please God without it

Hope-filled and Spirit-led; trusting and courageous


Growth — potential made visible

Developing and productive; healthy and fruitful

Vision Shape

Our Pattern



Regularly attending. On a Sunday, Life Group, Heart + Soul, Prayer etc.



Sowing our tithe, time and talents to serve and build church



Always ready to invite people to Heart Church



Always looking to connect, welcome and include others

Vision Shape

Our Plan

To plant campuses to the north, south, east and west of our city and establish Heart Church in ten cities to the north: Stoke-on-Trent, Sheffield, Liverpool, Salford, Preston, Leeds, York, Lancaster, Carlisle and Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Ps Malcolm and Lynette

Our Senior Leaders

Whilst Malcolm had served previously as a full-time associate minister at Heart Church, he and Lynette spent 10 years leading a thriving church in Cape Town South Africa.

In response to the call of God, they returned to these shores to take on the leadership of Heart Church in September 2013.

They have four grown-up children…Bethany (married to Jesse), Aaron, Joseph and Gabrielle and are doting grandparents to Zachary Noah and Hunter Mylo.

They have a passion both for local church and their native city of Nottingham.

Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream

Back in March 2014, Pastors Malcolm and Lynette unleashed a vision that was both inspiring and challenging.

It spoke of a church passionately in love with God and committed to building a loving, caring, multi-generational, multicultural community of believers that reaches out to the world beyond its walls.

We have taken up the challenge of considering what kind of church we will pass on to our children and our grandchildren and determined that it will be positioned to empower them to reach their generation.

David said in 1 Samuel 17 (KJV) “Is there not a cause?”

Well, we boldly declare that there is a Cause… and that we should not back away from the challenge of taking the Good News of the Gospel, with its healing and empowering message, to the lost and the lonely.

We dare to dream that the Gospel has the power to do all it declares it can do!

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